Green Data Architecture


When it comes to Green Data Architecture, the three words are:




Systerra believes that all data centers can be organized for growth, efficiency and responsibility. that's why we use our 30 + years of experience to build data centers and design networks that fulfill these important human requirements

Our Build Out and design services immediately save you resources and budget by improving your energy efficiency and reducing your business and data carbon footprint. 

Systerra also offers a unique blend of design and virtualization. By using V/<ware Xen, and Hyper-V, we can reduce the number of physical systems while allowing your business to maintain or expand. 



The Systerra Engineering Team believes that Network Monitoring in Silicon Valley daa centers should give you network, server and application monitoring that is

  • Realistic- reports on the issue and reduced recovery time
  • Cost effective- Does not require significant budget commitments.
  • Delivers Uptime to your business-Lets you keep serving your customers.
  • Easy to use- Minimal investment to install, configure and maintain.

With our 30 + years of telco and data center experience, we have deployed Network, Servers, Applications and Data Center Monitoring solutions to hundreds of clients. We also execute system integration projects that cover Asset and Configuration Management, Incident and Performance Management as well as Disaster Recovery.

Network Monitoring does more than guarantee Internet service. Our network monitoring ensures uptime for mail, web, database, application and VOIP systems-any mission-critical system that your business relies upon.

Know your problems before your customers do..

Our projects follow best industry practices and result in lower IT costs and higher performance for you and your data center. We reduce budgets, save jobs and cut down on the after hours emergencies that your IT resources dread.

We specialize in Network Monitoring deployments in

1.Corporate data Centers

2.Hosting Providers

3, Large Enterprises

Our monitoring solutions take it further than simple heartbeat monitoring. We use Synthetic transaction monitoring, Web and URL monitoring and Test emails to show that you systems are working as expected.

Our vendor and platform independence means that we can offer the best product and solutions for any Linus, Solaris or Windows environment.

We offer a wide range of cloud-based monitoring for public, private and hybrid cloud computing.We work with support industry standard commercial and open-source hardware and software to provide the best quality and cost-effective NM solutions for any budget.

We designed systems compatible with SNMP V2c, WMI, SQL, WEBM, and other standard monitoring protocols.